Thank you CA Church for your continued prayer, support and generosity towards our Forward in Faith campaign! This project has been a catalyst of prayer, action and unity in our church and we are grateful for your interest and support. 
This summer we faced a crossroads with the project. The Elders came together and proposed two building options. One that came in at 6.5 million and a second one costing 7.4 million. 
We communicated this information strategically. First to our staff, then out to smaller groups of leaders, then to our congregation. This happened during June and July. We then made an information video and put it online for the rest of the congregation to view and be informed. Finally we made an online vote possible for those who were not around during the summer and then took a congregational vote on the August 12th weekend. 
The vote was unanimous! We received 96% affirmation of the 7.4 million dollar project. 
Below is the presentation that outlines both options in further detail.  

If you have any questions or comments, please fill out the form below (“Submit Questions and Feedback”) and we will respond. 

Welcome to the Forward in Faith campaign, we encourage you to look at the materials we have made available about the future of CA Church.

Building Fund Update



Here are some videos that tell more of the story of CA Church, why we want to build, and faith stories of people who have stepped out in faith for the Forward in Faith campaign.

40th Anniversary Video


Why Do We Need To Build?


Faith Story – Dan Klassen


Thank You Video