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Welcoming the Gifts of the Holy Spirit into Your Life

Tuesdays, 7:30-9:00pm Mariner Campus Foyer May 9, 16, 23   What in the world are “spiritual gifts”? Do all Christians receive these gifts? How can I know what gift I have been given? And when I know, what am I to do with this gift? This class will address these questions plus many more that people may have about spiritual gifts. In this class, you will learn why God gives us gifts in the first place, and then what it would look like practically for you to exercise your gift in the church today.   Schedule: May 9: Welcoming (and Desiring) the Gifts of the Spirit in the Church May 16: Introducing (Some) of the Gifts of the Spirit May 23: Letting your Gift Find You    

Finding the Will of God

What is God’s will is for my life? That’s a big question. This leads to another question – how do I find His will for my life? How do I make wise decisions? Is God leading me this way or that way? In this five-week class, we will walk through some common misconceptions about the will of God in our lives, what the Bible has to say about God’s will, and the ways that God still speaks to us today.   Schedule: April 4 – Is Finding the Will of God a Pagan Idea? April 11 – Hearing the Voice of Jesus in a Noisy World April 18 – How God Guides Us: Read the Word & Guard Your Heart April 25 – How God Guides Us – Wise Counsel & God’s Providence May 2 – Anatomy of a Decision: Discerning God’s Call at Different Stages of Life

The Bible, Sex, and a Changing World

Saturday, March 4th 9:00am – 1:00pm   Part One: Sex and the World: What in the World is going on? Part Two: Sex and the Bible: What does the Bible really say and has the Church got it right? Part Three: Now What? How to engage a changing world.   Who am I? What does it mean to be a man? A woman? Is gender truly a spectrum? Is it fixed? What about same-sex attraction? How do I talk about this? There are few issues in our culture which challenge us as greatly as those of sexuality and gender identity. Although contemporary culture is quick to offer answers, too often the answers offered have left us increasingly unsatisfied, restless, isolated and lonely. This conference will offer us a clear vision for life. Drawing from biblical and theological wisdom, it will also offer practical ways for parents, caregivers, students and teachers to talk... Read More

Story of Christianity 2

Date: Sundays, February 5 – March 26 Time: Both services: 9:30-10:45am, and 11:15am-12:30pm Location: Portable 2, Mariner Campus The Protestant Reformation started with a bang: a monk named Martin Luther nailed the 95 Theses to the church door in response to a corrupt church, and in doing so, sent a wave of reform through Europe and beyond. The Story of Christianity II picks up where our Fall class left off, from a declining church to the surprising spread and growing vitality of today’s church around the world. In this eight-week class, we will cover such key moments as the arrival of Christianity to North America, the surprising revival which shook the world in the 1700s, the challenge that the growth of the modern world had upon the church, the survival of the church under communism and the rise of Christianity as a truly global faith. Through the lens of history, we... Read More

Follow Me – With David Platt

January 16 – February 27 Monday Evenings, 7:00-9:00pm A Class for CA Women   In a culture that attempts to make everything grey, David Platt paints a picture that is refreshingly black and white. Through this six-session video series, Platt offers the sobering reminder that Jesus invites us to come to him and die to ourselves. But in doing so, we discover the abundant, fulfilling life that God intends for us. This series is going to challenge you in profound ways, but you will be grateful to have heard afresh the greatest invitation ever made: to come, follow Him.  

The Parenting Course

The Alpha Parenting for Children Course consists of five sessions designed to equip those parenting or caring for 0 to 10-year-olds, as well as parents-to-be, with long-term strategies for building a healthy family life. Drawing on their own experience of bringing up four children and talking to thousands of parents at their parenting courses, Nicky and Sila Lee bring fresh insights and time-tested values to the task of parenting in this video series. The course, while based on Christian principles, is relevant and helpful for any parent with or without a church background. Topics covered include building strong foundations, setting boundaries and building character.    

Heaven, Hell & Everything in Between

This class explores Christian teaching regarding the ‘things to come’: heaven and hell as final destinations. Along the way, we will also look at whatever ‘intermediate states’ there may be. Does my ‘soul’ go to heaven or my ‘body’? What about purgatory? Where does this idea come from? Who qualifies for what place and on what basis? How does all this fit with God’s overarching plan of salvation?   Date: January 17 – March 7 Time: Tuesdays, 7:30-9:00pm Location: Church Foyer Instructor: David Wood   Topics and Notes: January 17th: Heaven: Heaven and the Meaning of Life January 24th: Hell: If God is Love, Why Is There a Hell? January 31st: Anything in Between? Purgatory, Limbo, Sleep, Waiting February 7th: Saving our Souls or our Bodies? Who Am I in the Afterlife? February 14th: Millennial Dilemmas – Different Plans for the End February 21st: Being Heavenly-minded to Be of Any Earthly Good February 28th: His Mercy Endures Forever…Even... Read More


Sunday Mornings – 9:30–10:45am, November 20 – December 18; January 8-29 Have you ever felt you were under persecution for your faith? Have you wondered where Christ is right now and what he is doing? Have you questioned what happens to someone who started off believing but then “lost” their faith? Have you been discouraged to the point of questioning the faith or even contemplated leaving it? Do you still struggle with sin and wonder if you are truly forgiven? If these questions have ever crossed your mind, then you need to study the Letter to the Hebrews.   This often neglected but absolutely essential NT letter contains some of the most important teachings Christians need today. Starting with its breathtaking view of the supremacy of Christ to its concluding vision of all believers safely within the heavenly Jerusalem, Hebrews will thrill, challenge, encourage, and motivate all who study it... Read More

Glittering Vices

In this class, we will explore what are commonly known as the Seven Deadly Sins – Envy, Vainglory, Sloth, Avarice, Anger, Gluttony and Lust. Why is it that these vices regularly pop up in our lives and trip us up? Can we be free of them? How? That’s what this class will focus on. And as we journey through this, we will discover the virtues that God invites us (and empowers us) to cultivate so we can live free and meaningful lives.   Notes for the class: (you need a PDF reader) Week 1 – GV Intro Week 2 – GV Envy Week 3 – GV Vain Glory Week 4 – GV Sloth Week 5 – GV Avarice Week 6 – GV Anger Week 7 – GV Gluttony Week 8 – GV Lust   Foyer Tuesdays from Sept. 20 – Nov. 08, 2016 7:30 pm – 9:00 pm

The Story of Christianity

Christianity began with a small number of disciples following a Jewish Rabbi named Jesus as he proclaimed the Kingdom of God in the region of Palestine. Today, Christianity has influenced key events in world history and has spread to all corners of the globe impacting developments in the areas of philosophy, science, politics and culture.   How did all this happen? How did it spread from a relatively small region to being the largest religion in the world?   THE STORY OF CHRISTIANITY tells us this story. Join us for an eight-week journey which tells the story of our faith from its very inception up to the dawn of the Protestant Reformation. Through discovering the lives and teachings of fascinating figures such as Ignatius of Antioch, Gregory the Great, St. Patrick, Teresa of Avila and others and by walking through key periods such as the conversion of Europe, the Middle... Read More

Living the Gospel

April 5 – May 10 7:30pm-9:00pm Foyer   Many Christians think of the task of mission as an entirely verbal activity – it is what we say and how we say it. However, if you’re an introvert, this can be pretty daunting! What if the reality of mission actually involved a whole range of activities? What if we could live and love in a number of ways which would promote Christ to the world and draws others to Him? What would this look like in our lives? Well, that’s what this course is all about. As you engage with this class, hopefully you will be inspired to see the whole of life as significant for bringing the gospel to the world.   Schedule – Click on the link for class notes Week 1 – Why Mission? The Gospel and the Challenge of Pluralism Week 2 – What is the full Gospel... Read More

Digging Deeper into the Old Testament

For many people (including many Christians), the Old Testament is a bit of a mystery. What is known usually consists of a handful of isolated stories about kings and giants, walls and trumpets, a snake in a garden, and maybe some proverbs on how to live wisely. In this class, we plan to dig deeply into the Story of the Old Testament. Along the way, we will learn some pretty important things – such as what it means to be human, why there is suffering in the world, and just what God is like. We will also dig deeper into some of the Old Testament passages that are, well, very difficult to understand. Why all the killing? What’s the deal with dietary laws? Was there really a global flood? Were Adam and Eve the first humans? If you have always wanted to learn what the Old Testament teaches (but have... Read More

Science and Faith: Friends or Foes?

Science and Faith: Friends or Foes? “Humanity should accept that science has eliminated the justification for believing in cosmic purpose, and that any survival of purpose is inspired only by sentiment.” Peter Atkins, Oxford Chemistry Professor   Christians today just don’t know what to do with science. Militant atheists such as Oxford Chemistry Professor, Peter Atkins (along with their Facebook followers) repeatedly tell us that Christianity has always been superstitious, anti-science and intellectually bankrupt. It would be much better, we’re told, to jettison our belief in God and embrace the hard facts of science.   And yet, we wonder if science and faith really are incompatible. As Christians, do we need to choose one or the other? But if not, then how do we answer big questions about the origin of humanity, the age of the earth, evolution, along with a host of other questions while still being faithful as... Read More

The Marriage Course

  Our annual Marriage Course is being held for seven weeks, January 21 – March 4 from 5–8pm. The cost is $75. Regular check-ups help a car run smoothly and reduce the risk of breakdown. The best sports professionals spend hours being coached and perfecting their technique. The greatest achievements in life take practice, training, and dedication. It is the same with marriage. A strong, loving and lifelong relationship doesn’t happen by chance. It takes effort and dedication to keep the fun and romance alive. We can all learn how to make even the happiest marriage better.   The Marriage Course is a seven-session course set in a cozy atmosphere. The evening will start with dinner or dessert, followed by video teachings and practical discussions that are both helpful and entertaining. After the talks, you will have one-on-one discussion time with your spouse. There is never any group work and you will... Read More

The Marriage Preparation Course

Next session: Starting Sunday, April 23 for 5 weeks from 9:30-10:45am in Portable 2 at the Mariner Campus. Cost is by donation for the participant manual. Our program is designed to help prepare engaged couples for a life-long commitment to each other. Couples can develop skills to make their marriage more satisfying, richer, and more complete. This course is not only fun, but practical, using Alpha’s Marriage Preparation video sessions. Over five sessions of the course you will discover practical tools to help you build the foundations for a lasting marriage. You will look at: the importance of commitment how to recognize and appreciate your differences the art of communication resolving conflict the importance of spending time together and nurturing your friendship making each other feel loved developing a good sexual relationship the importance of talking about your goals, values and dreams  

Building the City of God in a Crumbling World

Tuesdays, 7:30-9:00pm September 22 – November 24 at the Mariner Campus Taught by Pastor David Wood Two thousand years ago, a seemingly insignificant movement began. Misunderstood, ridiculed and persecuted by the powerful of the day, this tiny group of “Jesus followers”, transformed by the resurrection of their leader, empowered by the Holy Spirit, began a movement which today is considered the world’s largest movement: Christianity.   What happened? How did a handful of men and women using a hodgepodge of methods lead to the conversion of the mighty Roman Empire? Are there lessons from this that the church can learn today? Most significantly, are there similarities between the evangelistic challenges the early Christians faced and the challenges we face in the world today? These are some of the fascinating questions this class will be exploring this fall.   Click below for notes: Week 1: The Greco-Roman World of Christianity Week... Read More

The Pilgrim Lives of Sinner/Saints

What does it mean to walk with Jesus? How do we cultivate a vibrant walk with Jesus so that we make it to the end of our life’s journey? In this 6-week class, we will look at the lives of five personalities from church history. None of these figures lived a perfect life; each was deeply broken, and yet, they lived faithful and faith-filled lives. As we look at each person, we hope to gain some insight into how they sustained their pilgrimage in difficult circumstances, and how you and I can grow spiritually in our own pilgrimage. Sunday Mornings at 9:30

Engaging Christ and Culture – A Class With David Wood

As Christians, we struggle with knowing what to do with the culture that surrounds us. Do we sit back and critique it? Do we copy it (but make it “look” more Christian)? Do we simply jump in and consume it like everyone else? What if our call as Christians is to become Culture Makers? What would this look like for our world? What would this look like in our lives? This class will look at six different areas of life and ask the question: what does it mean to live Christianly in this?  

The Psalms – A Class With Ivan De Silva

Much of the history of the Church has viewed the Book of Psalms as God’s gift to His people to teach them how to “ answer God.” The class will explore the richness of the Psalms, teach us to understand them as a collection as well as how they fit within the Bible as a whole. Finally, as we grow in our appreciation of the Psalms, this class will draw us into deeper devotion as we allow God Himself to teach His people how to pray. Listen to the classes here!

Reframe – Reframing the Story of Our Lives

After exploring the ways by which the modern world affects and infects our discipleship, ReFrame is a dynamic and thought-provoking discipleship course that helps everyday people connect the Gospel with all aspects of life—everywhere. The vision of the class is to look at how the Gospel intersects with every aspect of our lives-in our workplaces, coffeeshops, gyms, labs, homes, retirement, cities-the whole of life, everywhere.

How To Read The Bible As If It Was Written To You

Most of us own a Bible, but find reading it challenging, and even perplexing. What’s more, we have a lot of questions about the Bible. For example, why are there only 66 books in the Bible? How do we know if the scripture we are reading is what the author(s) originally wrote? What are the Dead Sea Scrolls and why do they matter? Can I trust my translation? Any translation? What about the Gospel of Judas? Should I read that? Why are so many of my questions not addressed in the Bible or are they? Or… How do we understand controversial texts like, “Do not lie with a man as with a woman, that is an abomination.” and, “Women should keep silent in the churches.”? What are they saying? Aren’t there other “holy books” that we should read? How do we know what parts of the Bible are to be... Read More

Unmasking Hidden Worldview’s

Why do we do what we do? Why do we buy what we buy? Why do we say the things that we say? Why hang with these friends and not others? Is this simply our choice or is there more going on than we realize? What lies beneath our lifestyles? Are they Christian? If not, then where do they come from? And why does they matter? As we will discover, they matter quite a lot! This class will explore how the forces and influences in our world shape our lives and challenge our ability to live faithfully and authentically as Christ followers in the world today. We will learn how to unmask these worldviews, expose them for what they are, and move towards having our lives shaped by a Christian understanding of this world and our place in it.

Kneeling With Giants

How would you describe your prayer life? Dry? Routine? Distant? Do you ever find yourself wondering how your prayer life could feel more “alive”? Do you long for spiritual mentors in your life who can lead you deeper into a life of prayer? This class introduces us to mentors from the history of the church who uniquely connected with God in prayer. Each class will look at a different aspect of prayer that these mentors introduce. Though we will be exploring how these spiritual “giants” prayed, our focus won’t be theoretical, but practical – namely, how you and I can grow in a life of prayer.

The Book Of Revelation

The Book of Revelation can be an intimidating book to read. It becomes even more intimidating when we are exposed to some of the popular books written about Revelation. G.K. Chesterton probably gets it right when he penned the following words, “Though St. John the Evangelist saw many strange monsters in his vision, he saw no creature so wild as one of his own commentators.” However, to give in to intimidation is to miss out on the practical and challenging message of Revelation. Ultimately, the Book of Revelation has more to do with the call of discipleship than it does with predicting obscure end-time events and dates.

Rumbles In Rome

For two millennia, the Book of Romans has had a profound influence on the church shaping both its understanding of the Gospel and how the Gospel intersects with every aspect of a believer’s life. That said, the Book of Romans is not always easy to understand. For this reason, we invite you to join us on a 12-week exploration of one of the most important letters in the New Testament. As you make your way through this letter, be warned – your life may never be the same.