The desire of CA Music is to encourage all people to engage and encounter the living God as we gather corporately for our weekend services. We want to be a church that passionately worships and magnifies the greatness of God. Our weekend worship services are oriented around the Triune God. CA Music is designed with the purpose of leading and facilitating God’s people to worship God and bring Glory to His name.


Our Mission

Our passion for CA Music is to help seekers and believers become fully devoted followers of Jesus Christ through the music ministry.

Exaltation, Excellence, Expectation



Our desire is to give God all the glory in everything we do together throughout the weekend. Everything we do must always point to Jesus Christ. We do not serve on the CA Music team for our own glory or recognition. We come prepared, filled with God’s love, always directing people towards that love.



We come bringing our absolute best. We come well rehearsed, confident in our role for the weekend, and ready to give it our all. It would not be fair if we showed up unprepared while the other musicians who have worked very hard to get their parts perfect. The Bible says in Psalm 33:3 to “Sing to him a new song; play skillfully on the strings, with loud shouts.” We gather together as a team and bring our best for His glory.



Expectation is two-fold. First and foremost, we need to prepare our hearts before our weekend services with a sense of expectation. We need to come every weekend expecting God to move in a mighty way. God is doing amazing things within our church. We need to always be coming with an expectant heart, knowing that God has plans for us as a church every weekend. The other part of Expectation is the idea that everyone involved in the CA Music department are expecting you to come well prepared, well rehearsed and ready to play what’s been asked of you.


CA Music Leadership Team

Andrew Marcus
Acoustic Guitar / Worship Pastor
Brett Alexander
Audio Tech Director
Mateo Allen
Drum Tech
Randall Burgess
Bass Guitar Tech
Jared Geortzen
Electric Guitar Tech
Sabina Breuer
Piano / Keyboard Tech / Music Director
Jessica Dailly
Vocal Director
Jordan Nobel
Lighting Tech